Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Which Camera? Any will do

Sorry guys for all the longggg break without any post. In this post I will share a little bit of what goes inside my mind while taking my pictures. Has anyone ever heard of people asking "WHICH CAMERA IS BEST FOR TAKING PICTURES?", well the answer to that is not simple - basically for me it's the one that is with you when the right moment comes. Here are a few snaps that I took with my mobile phone with their thoughts while shooting them. Enjoy2.

An interesting image that I've managed to get  at Pitt st mall. He seems to be a very skillful guitarist. I only had my mobile phone with me and to get a picture of him I needed to be pretty close (no zoom in my mobile phone) so that's what I did, I went to him with my camera phone and while he was playing suddenly he realised that I was pretty close to him and he turned his head looked towards me (maybe thinking of WHAT IS THIS GUY TRYING TO DO!???) and that was when I snapped him, ;). Quite cool as I've managed to set my shutter speed in a way to get his hand blurry showing that he was strumming his guitar, :)) (this is completely rubbish as you can't set anything using camera phone), ;). The light was pretty good as well as it was somewhat cloudy that day. This image is postprocessed using photoshop express : cropped (to frame it), sharpened, contrast boost, desaturate and soft focus.

Below is another picture that I took using my camera phone. This picture was taken while I was walking past Moore park and I saw this array of trees on my left and right handside of the pathway, then I thought hemmm pretty cool as they can create an interesting image. In order to put the emphasis on the trees I shot it down low as this would limit the road (perspective wise). 
Furthermore, I needed to have a focal point in the picture to make it more interesting and that is when I waited for a cyclist to pass by. I tried as best as I can to shot the cyclist while he was being lit by the sun and not in the shade to bring more attention to him, too bad though the camera phone can't capture it's image in real time so I think I was a bit too early (this can be seen that his left arm was the one that was lit instead of his face). I processed this image using PS express : desaturate (because the color was not striking) and soft focus.

Here is another interesting shot while I was walking around with my camera phone (no altering shutter, aperture, or even zooming in and out). What you get is what's on the screen and you just never know how it will turn out as soon as you press the shutter. Let me explain of the insights  (what I had in mind) behind this shot. I was at Broadway and I found that the late sun was shinning on the old broadway Grace Bros building and it was then followed by the shady parts of the street which created a nice contrasty colors (warm VS cool). Basically I had my background set, now I need to think of my foreground - I need to find an object which was lit by the sun to differentiate it from the blue shady streets so after looking around, I found this restaurant signs which is well lit on the left. I thought to myself, hemm great - but after looking at it for a while (framing the shot), I see my bottom left corner was a bit "DEAD" nothing to look at, so I thought how about filling it with cars. The "lucky" part was the fact that the car was in focus and also parts of it was being lit by the sun as well (to give it some dimension). After looking at this image, I think I should of waited for the red colored car before snapping away as it somewhat matches with the red restaurant signs. Oh well, you always have something to improve. Keep creating pictures guys with the tools that you have with you, here are some of the PROS trying to push the limits with a camera phone (FSTOPPERS -

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