Monday, December 20, 2010

Shoot the Photographer : Kaveh Fanian

A little while ago (long time ago actually), I got to hang out with my best photography buddy Kaveh Fanian, a landscape and nature photographer. I've known Kaveh from his uni days (he has graduated and leaving me behind). Kaveh was doing his usual inspirational landscape shooting which does best. He decided to capture the beauty of Watson Bay which is one of the famous tourist places in Sydney.

 Kaveh was kind enough to have me snapping around while he is doing his serious macro and landscape work, so while I was there, I did not want to waste the opportunity to shoot him while he was snapping his work. At that time, I only had one light and one softbox with me and basically you have to make a picture with the gear available to you at that time. So basically, I shot the first picture by underexposing the background by one stop for the first picture with the intention of creating an extra pop on the subject while setting my flash (580ex II) power at 1/4 power.
As we walk about here and there, I saw this cool spot where I created my second picture. I used the scenery (pier and the sea with the interesting clouds formation) as my background for the portrait. Again, I have set my light (same source) where this time round I wanted to underexpose the background more  (2 stops) so that I could create that dramatic feel in the picture. The final shot is shown below. In conclusion, always cary a light source whenever you go out shooting. Another inspirational message that I've got from a great photographer (Zack Arias), "when photographing a subject, the subject looks happier when they're lit." Happy snapping guys. This post is dedicated to my great snapping buddy - Kaveh Fanian.  


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