Thursday, June 14, 2012

A few tips on shooting weddings

I haven't been writing as much as I was busy with work and less amount of photography but a few weeks ago I had an assignment of photographing a wedding. So here are a few tips that I'd like to share my experience on it.
Tip no.1 : Be prepared. What I mean by this is that you wanted to start by scouting the location if possible to charging all your batteries.
 Tip no.2 : Get inspirations from others -> lookup other wedding photographers and see their work, observe carefully the pictures that you like and analyse them accordingly (like what focal length did they use, depth of field, lights and how they composed the shot). Of course you will encounter a different situation but the concept might somewhat be helpful.
Tip no. 3: Try to keep on talking to them (politely of course) and telling them what you want them to do (aka posing them).
Tip no. 4: It's got to be the light, how are you going to light them. During a wedding, you can't really bring too many lighting gears (booms, umbrellas and softboxes) and also you just don't have time to set them up. Tip no. 5: Bring in another photographer as it might save your life, :).

Here is the first shot that I would like to share :

The bride wanted a shot of her and her bridesmaid, so that's what I did here. Arrange them (the bridesmaid) around her (the bride). As for the light, really nothing special here, it's just a simple ceiling bounce while holding the flash high (had a VAL to hold it up, :)). To pose the bride, I had asked her to sit on the bed facing sideways and hold her flowers. Lastly, I had the bride to turn and faced towards the camera. Even though this seems simple enough but you need to think the whole process through while they were still preparing here and there. I had tested my lights before I got everyone where they were (the last thing you want is for them to have you busy with yourself altering your camera settings or your lights).

Now for this next shot, I had them (bride and groom) together and it was dark, I saw that the car was a lonnnggg limo (hemm pretty cool). So I thought to myself, hhehmmm let see where I can place them around this cool thing. Here the composition was somewhat ordinary (nothing fancy). As for the light, I realised that when I placed them besides the limo, their faces will be dark so I had the VAL to bounce the flash on the side-wall to create an even light on the pair. To create another dimension to the photograph, I had the headlights of the limo to be turned ON. Okay guys, I hope this short article would somewhat be helpful in a way.

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