Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shooting my good friend : Bernardus Ivan & his family

Well this was the time when I got the chance to see a friend after quite sometime. In the process, he wanted me to shoot him with his family which I thought, hehmmm what sort of picture would be good for a family portrait, how to light them, what poses should I get them to do, etc2. So in the end of the day, because I didn't bring all my gear, I had to improvise with what I had.
Father n SOn
In the first picture, he wanted me to shoot a picture of him and his son playing guitar together. I tried booming, then I realised I've come across and big problem of having a shadow behind him which I don't know how it got there until I saw the floor. It was pure white ceramic tiles which make a fine reflector. In the end, I decided to bounce of the ceiling as a fill and handhold my key light a little bit left of camera. I waited and waited and keep on snapping while talking to him and his son until I got this frame which shows the son was playing the guitar. Also because the son was a bit to short when photographed, I had asked for a pillow for him such that the balance of the picture is somewhat better.

Strobing in d kitchenThe second shot basically uses one light and I tried to use the ambient to do all the rest of it. I gelled myt flash and dial my white balance to tungsten to create the bluish effect on the walls. I have also asked to have the background kitchen light to be turned on such that the subjects does not disappear into the background (creating subject background separation).The bare speedlight was pointed directly (zoomed at 50mm) at the subjects being handheld just above the camera. The reasoning for zooming the flash head was to avoid the light to spill elsewhere other than the subjects. As for the camera settings, I kinda forgot of what it was set at but the ambient was under-exposed by 1 stop. I hope that my experience would somewhat be useful. Happy snapping everyone.

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